LLewellyn Gittens. Huge heart. Big Soul Energy…

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Llew and Jane – beloved souls and hearts…
Sweetheart and Me Liz's 70 06092012

Llewellyn Gittens II

My dear, dear Friend Llew died this last week. In Portugal.
He died with his soulmate and beautiful wife Jane, his sons Llew And Lex and his Nephew Zam, Liz, Jane’s Sister, all holding him, playing Music and loving him on his way, loving him to his final breathing. The Atlantic Ocean sea, salt air not far away.. in the place that they had made a home. His Uncle will be over to speak for the Jamaican side of LLew, to preside over his Spiritual Passing, his Daughter Luna from America is on her way….
Llew, Son, Father, Grandfather, Uncle, Lover, Artist, Musician, Fisherman, Poet, Cook, Raconteur and Wit, Footballer and Coach, Welder, Motorbike Rider and dear, dear friend, a man with the biggest heart, soul and energy, with a laugh that defied you not to laugh with him..
A big belly laugh.. From a big man in soul, spirit, and body. Man Of Jamaica, America, the world..
He ended up in London and met Jane… Yes, yes, yes. His soul mate for life.
I didn’t have a brother. If I could have suspended boring reality, and I could have chosen… Llew would be my brother.
Llew had more thrown at him in the last years that is possible to overcome…he did, time and time again..My Daughter Kasia called him Mr. Invinsible.. he was, he is…
A Man of courage and strength.
I love being with that family… they held me when I was on my uppers when I was low, we loved Music ..we laughed…cooked food and made merry….and there is a huge HUGE hole now… So huge I will never see the bottom of it.
My heart is with them all …. always.
I love you all…
Goodbye, my darling friend and compadre.
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Estou em casa
no aqui
no agora
eu sou sólido
eu sou livre
no final
Eu resido

8 Replies to “LLewellyn Gittens. Huge heart. Big Soul Energy…”

  1. Wow…Llew was one of my father figures, from NYC to Cali….last time I saw him was 1994, Oakland and drinking Soju brought back from my tour in S. Korea. The Planet is indeed poorer for the loss of this awesome being…

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