London Tales

War Bombs Marches and listening to Music. 1962-1963.

The pic below was taken in 1962 an extract from The Singer’s Tale Book 1

carol 16080 (1)


Carol Grimes The Singers Tale Creativity & Ageing

June 21st Summer 2018

I am sitting equidistant between hope and despair hoping that hope will win.

BEWARE We have been here before and before and before

‘When will we ever learn?’

IMG_0553.JPGIM_A0116.JPG    dsc_00051.jpg

The Hospital I was born on April 7th, 1944


carol 16080 (1).jpg

‘Please, Please me.’ The Beatles.

She liked it and thought that George Harrison was rather lovely. She played the Jazz records that Fred had given her, Dave Brubeck and Thelonious Monk and remembered that she had wanted to be a Beat. Poetry and Jazz, did Liverpool Beat Groups cut it?

Nasty Nora.  

   ‘Fuck it.

The Boss.

‘Make up your own Mind!’

Procrastinating Patsy

Jazz Beatles? Beatle Jazz?

‘Blue Rondo a la Turk’ and ‘Un-square Dance’, not four on the floor; rhythms she had not felt before, she liked it, danced to it without trying to analyse what it was. It was simply seductive.

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