A Stone – written whilst living in Camden London

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A soundscape & a Poem called – a stone –  Carol Grimes Mark Hewins

I am a stone a stone a frozen stone.

           A watching careful stone.

           I am a stone a hard stone seeing-hearing stone

           I am deep inside the stone.

           I am impenetrable- you cannot reach me.

           I am cold- you will not want me.

           I am distant-silent inside the stone.

           I am as hard as the ground on a winters morning.

           Drop me. I do not crack-my back does not snap.

           No shadow is cast by the stone.

            I am invisible.


            Kick this stone it will make no sound.

            Ice in the heart of the stone.

            Rage at this stone – it will give no reaction.

             No feelings in the heart of a stone.


             A stone cannot bruise, a stone cannot sob – a stone will never be hurt.

             Drop a stone in the deepest of seas,

              and only a ripple – only a splash-

              as it sinks to the bottom of the world-

              and rests alone-unseen & unnecessary.

             The stone a frozen stone – a watchful careful silent stone.




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