London Tales The Dance – songs written in London

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Anne Michaels from her novel Fugitive Pieces

‘Important lessons: look carefully, record what you see. Find a way to make beauty necessary, find a way to make necessity beautiful.

The Dance Carol Grimes & Dorian Ford

In homage to Mark Chagall and Anne Michaels

The Dance.

If I could  choose, I would live under a round yellow sun,

where a red fiddler stands, with a ring in his nose and a blue violin tucked under his chin let the music begin.

I would  be a golden green girl, with long indigo hair, seashells for a necklace I have flowers for the fiddler, afloat on the winds of the dance, 

a tipsy Gypsy twisting and turning – Let the joy Dance begin.

A painter arrives on a sunbeam, a violet cockerel in his arms

giddy bird whirling and twirling as dancers dance and lovers entwine

there is no time, only golden time never again to return to the greys

of familiar days – let me drown here, be seduced here –

to stay forever in mystery and magic, eternally dancing the dance.

If I could choose, I would be a bird with a crown

looking down from a nest – in a silvery tree where humans would morph into – Birds and Birds sing the best songs, Where food is as light as moon dust caught on the wing and drink golden nectar – supped from Flowers.

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