I have made\Folkestone Garden 2010 – with 2 tracks on the slide shows attached below.

2010 The first spring – work begins, masses of weeds, concrete, front & back, ( I couldn’t afford to have it removed,) so we worked around it. Stones on paths, and around a diamond-shaped bed in the front. To the side at the back and alongside my veggie beds, I left the concrete as it was. I planted a tree. I had loved, as I watched the avenue of Silver Birch Trees in front of Tate Modern, on The South Bank, as they grew from tiny saplings. Loverly. I planted a Fig tree and the twisted Hazelnut that I had in a pot on my roof in Deptford.



RCGD8470 copy.jpg

Below 2010 ~ Little Silver Birch planted.  Veg beds happening. A small pond in.


Below 2011  Tiffy taking the air

2015-06-04 09.27.42.jpg2015-06-11 15.08.33.jpg

2015-06-22 18.20.01.jpg

Above Track –  Gold in them Hills  Ron Sexsmith

Garden as she grows. Track  ‘Who Knows where the time goes?’ Sandy Denny


From CD Mother Cover Photo Karen Douglas

  • Carol Grimes – Vocals
  • Ian Shaw – Hammond / Rhodes & Vocals
  • Greg Wain – Guitar & Vocals
  • Steve Watts – Double Bass
  • Stan Adler – Cello
  • Mark Fletcher – Drums, Percussion & Fire Extinguisher
  • Annie Whitehead – Trombone
  • Josephina Cupido – Percussion & Vocals
  • Elton Dean – Saxophones
  • Harry Becket – Trumpet

2015-06-04 09.11.28

I love Poppies.

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