London Tales – Springtime in Whitechapel

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Written when I lived in Bethnal Green, Tower Hamlets, East London

Springtime in Whitechapel, © Grimes/ Marland  1979 recorded 1980 

Scarred face in the moonlight – wind blows with a hard bite

Darkness falls just another night.

Out I crawl am I feeling right?

Don’t know why I hide away –

I can’t seem, can’t seem to face the day

I feel exposed in every way

Pushing through a hard crowd

Daylight streets and the traffic’s loud.

Faces low ah, and faces proud

Nerves are shot makes me wanna howl.

Can’t face the days that a pity – dust in my eyes feels too gritty.

Scratch my eyes, don’t feel very pretty.

Noontime and the sun’s hot, people search for a green spot.

One hour on the office clock don’t you know that’s all you got?

Seems to be the way,  you see

Bug-eyed monsters won’t let me be – on my shoulder sits a great big G

There’s a monster in the city

I’ve seen it, have you?

and it grabbed me never, never ever let me go –

– going around and round

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