Feeling Old and in the Way

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 An extract from The Singers Tale   

Nothing like feeling old and in the way.

Crowded high street, a gang of girls walking towards me –

straddled across the pavement like an impenetrable wall of young women.

Stand my ground or swerve into the gutter?

They show no sign of seeing me. Closer closer.

As if I am invisible, not here, what will I do?

‘Perhaps I should lie down and you can walk over me to save you the trouble of giving way?’

Said me to myself & I.

 I am a nuisance, old and in the way

Girls laughing chatting with each other, filled with the enjoyment of their own wit.

I stand my ground.

Avoiding the gutter – refusing to be elbowed out of the way – with my bag full of vegetables – fruit – two pots of red geraniums and a loaf of bread.

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