London Tales Carol & Sam 1960/70s ‘The Grove Days in W2 W11 W10’

Carol Grimes The Singers Tale & other Yarns -

We lived in St Stevens Gardens.. 4 families to a house, often more. Room by room, bath and toilet for all, except the basement, on the landing… 

20621134_1454587714628835_97827547801226245_n27972222_10155081190396533_6186199670164741205_n.jpgScan 4.jpeg 156900_10150099046728134_661493133_7343242_4603591_n.jpgScan 132mandala

Then we moved, Sam and I to 8a All Saints Road.. views from the window.

2013-02-17 20.04.57 copy.jpgScan 7.jpgThroughout the 1960/70s I lived in many places, often homeless. From West Cromwell Earls Court to The Brompton Road, Worlds End Chelsea, then over to Swinbrook Road just off Goldbourne Road in North Kensington, to St. Stevens Gardens then on to All Saints Road.

My years in The Grove, bar some nasty encounters with The Music Business, was the most I ever felt being held within a community that for the most part cared about each other. Many of the people pictured have died or moved on to another place and another life. The Slums have been bulldozed away and unless you are already housed in a…

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