The Singers Tale 100 Years ago on Sunday

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100 years on. My thoughts, words, and Songs ©


These People are my Grandparents, the beautiful young woman Cecile, died 24 hours,  after giving birth to my Mother, on November 21st, 1918, and called Cecile in her memory. Cecile, the Mother died on November 22nd They were living in a cottage in Ash Kent, where my Niece Sacha and I finally found her.

Percy, my Grandfather walked down Road of Remembrance in Folkestone with his Billy Can, over the sea to the living Hell that was that War. All War is Hell. I barely knew my Grandfather, he survived the War but died young. I have his Billy Can. Previously, he worked at Harland and Wolf in Belfast building the Titanic, had a berth on the Maiden voyage, won in a raffle, Flue struck and an unlucky young man took his place. 9 lives


2006 The Cottage, as it was then, that my Grandmother died in … 1918

The Vineries 17-01-2009-3.jpg

The Cottage in 2006

The Vineries 17-01-2009-2.jpg

Part 2 Cecile and Percy the House was a mess when I first traced it in 2006 then when Sacha and I found it, a new house on the plot

IMG_6496.jpgSacha and me on The Leas


A song I wrote in the 1980s for a poem from my memories as a child in the 1950s

Europe with your lands your beauty and your culture.

Why did you rape and plunder so many lands and lives?

You destroyed denied stole and erased.

But spirits don’t die.

They cry but don’t die.

When I was a child growing up in the 50’s I remember the Mau Mau.

Portrayed in the News I heard it on the radio.

I saw it in the papers & on the newsreel screen.

Savage hoards of cannibals, people who killed and plundered

raiding white peoples home and lands.

Mau Mau was the bogeyman! The dark reason for my fears in dreams.

Flashing eyes and spears and deafening screams.

They crashed through jungles and crept across the lands, silently in the night

to find me In my bed. And I was afraid.

Why did nobody tell me Who was Mau Mau and why?

On hot earth still throbbing with the heat of bloody turmoil.

Cities, whose riches and splendour are denied to those who built them

with their sweat and their pain.

But spirits don’t die. They cry but don’t die.

When will we ever learn?’ 

War, Racism, the ever-present class war, obscene wealth, and extreme poverty, our streets, the world over, hold so many homeless people, more than I have ever seen. 100 years ago, Officers sat in French Chateaus, a long way behind the front lines and the Trenches, the Mud, the Guns, the Gas Poisons, Rats, the screams of the dying, ordering the ‘Cannon Fodder,’ wave upon wave to certain death and or dismemberment. And always the for life body held trauma.

When will we ever learn?

The Yemeni Civil War The Syrian Civil War South Sudanese Civil War, Palestine, Afghanistan.. armed by? We all know.
Bosnia and Herzegovina between 1992 and 1995.
2017 December – State of emergency imposed on Kassala state along the border with Eritrea.
West Africa, the countries include Cote d’Ivoire, Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and Togo. In East Africa, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, Uganda.
Unrest all over the World, South America, Iraq, all over the Middle East on and on- none wants to be a Refugee.
When will we ever learn????  I do not trust the people in charge.


 Flowers from my Garden


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