London Tales A Sparrow

Carol Grimes The Singers Tale Creativity & Ageing

Published on Mar 24, 2013

A song by Carol Grimes from the album “Heavy Poet-ting and a Little Peace by A Loving Company” ~ in aid of St Joseph’s Hospice. Featuring the exceptional Annie Whitehead on trombone, and Jennifer Maidman on percussion and uke (or mandolin?)….recorded and mixed by Jennifer as well…Visuals Michael and Sooty in Brighton in the House with a blue door xxx

A London Sparrow. Carol Grimes ©

He is a torn and tattered thing atiny bird, with a broken wing.

A beating heart which flutters in his breast.

He flies, he tries to reach the stars,his body has no strength

His throat is full, no song upon his tiny tongue,

spinning in circles, adrift in silent flight. The night sky, scorched orange, urban light.

Obscuring the stars.

On winters icy winds, the vertical descent –

wings split, eyes blind, voice mute above the city,

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