‘I believe in us – in you and me’ 2017 Lime Bar Folkestone

Carol Grimes The Singers Tale Creativity & Ageing

 I Believe In Us
Published on 19 May 2017

I Believe – Carol Grimes, Annie Whitehead (Trombone), Richard Bundy (Keyboards), Randolph Matthews (Loops/Vocals).

Filmed live @LimeBarCafè On 9th February 2017 Folkestone, Kent. UK


I believe.  Carol Grimes ©

I believe in us in you and me

Because if I do not believe what is there?

I believe in us the human race. 

I must understand – who are we? Why are we?

Our history, circle over circle over circle round now listen. 

survival by the sword, the gun, the bomb for how long can –

I believe in us in you and me, how long can I can believe?


As I sing a million people die,

As I eat a million people starve,

As I sleep a million people lie in the street,

No homes where is the living and loving in that?


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