A Stone, a song into a Poem or the other way round, for my one-woman Festival xx

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A stone, a frozen stone,

a watching,

careful stone.

Hard. An all seeing, all hearing stone.

Deep, deeper down you do not touch.

Lying- impenetrable.

Cold, you do not touch it, silent, you do not hear it.

For it –

is as hard as the ground in a north country winter

Drop this stone, it will not crack, no back to snap.

No shadow will be cast, it is a dark place.

Kick this stone, it will make no sound,

Ice around the heart of the stone.

Rage at this stone, it will give no reaction,

ice around the heart of the stone.

A stone cannot bruise, a stone cannot sob,

a stone will never be hurt.

Drop it in the dark and deepest of seas, and only a ripple-

a splash – as it sinks to the bottom of the world –  in silence.

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