Strange, wonderful and beautiful places I have been lucky enough to sing in. Part 1. Trafalgar Square.

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1980 2 pics with some loverly Musicians, singing for my friends celebrating New Year. Muharram. In Trafalgar Square 1980? maybe ’81? Little Sam being a Punk.
George Butler RIP
Dave Vascoe RIP


A Wonderful Project for The Princes Trust, organised By Norton York rehearsals in Deepest Suffolk, haunted Castle ‘an all. A wonderful barn to rehearse the show, and gorgeous grounds to wander about in…The snaps of course are my own, my memories for later? Which is now. There must have been some proper professional ones. Some of the City young people had never been in such a green place. Ghosts stories and everything.

The Team

More rehearsing???

Loverly young Women. I loved my Job!

Me snapping you snapping me!

After a performance in Trafalgar Square Square with young people from South Africa and the UK. Meeting and singing For the great man, Nelson Mandela. He danced and chatted to us in The large Library of the South African Embassy, no press, unlike the scrum for selfies or whatever? at The After party, so we were a tad gobsmacked!

2 Replies to “Strange, wonderful and beautiful places I have been lucky enough to sing in. Part 1. Trafalgar Square.”

  1. You’re leading a very full & useful life matey, entertaining & bringing people together for happy times through your music.Btway, heard your take on the Lush life, put over in a wonderfully world weary way.


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