London Tales – Round Midnight In the picture above a painting and a photo of Monks hands playing the piano taken by My friend, John Hoppy Hopkins  Round midnight.  Music Thelonious Monk - Lyrics and Poem on recording, Oscar Brown Jr - written in the year of my birth. 1944 My Poem here. Thelonious Monk Written following a night sleeping … Continue reading London Tales – Round Midnight

American Tales – The Belt

I have always loved the ordinary things, finding beauty in them, things like string. Here is an early attempt of one of my early poems ...I had written song lyrics and then in the Early 1980s took courage and began to write..Until last year, it has remained a hidden thing...  I have an extract below … Continue reading American Tales – The Belt

London Tales – Feeling Old and in the Way

 An extract from The Singers Tale Nothing like feeling old and in the way. On a crowded high street, a gang of girls are walking towards me - straddled across the pavement like an impenetrable wall of young women. I stand my ground or I could be swerved into the gutter? They show no … Continue reading London Tales – Feeling Old and in the Way

I believe in us – in you and me

A Track here I Believe In Us   CommuniK8 Published on 19 May 2017 I Believe - Carol Grimes, Annie Whitehead (Trombone), Richard Bundy (Keyboards), Randolph Matthews (Loops/Vocals). Filmed live @LimeBarCafè On 9th February 2017 Folkestone, Kent. UK I believe. Carol Grimes © I believe in us in you and me Because if I … Continue reading I believe in us – in you and me