London Tales – Round Midnight In the picture above a painting and a photo of Monks hands playing the piano taken by My friend, John Hoppy Hopkins  Round midnight.  Music Thelonious Monk - Lyrics and Poem on recording, Oscar Brown Jr - written in the year of my birth. 1944 My Poem here. Thelonious Monk Written following a night sleeping … Continue reading London Tales – Round Midnight

Nervy Nora – one from my collection of alter – heads, a pernickety persona.©

Nervy Nora. Photo above Kasia Rose Hrybowicz Nervy Nora has been around for a very long time. My early memories are of nervous tensions and its inherent manifestations in my persona. Stuttering and twitching, lacking in energy, courage, and conviction. No belief in my abilities. A need for support and my difficulties in asking for … Continue reading Nervy Nora – one from my collection of alter – heads, a pernickety persona.©

American Tales – The Belt

I have always loved the ordinary things, finding beauty in them, things like string. Here is an early attempt of one of my early poems ...I had written song lyrics and then in the Early 1980s took courage and began to write..Until last year, it has remained a hidden thing...  I have an extract below … Continue reading American Tales – The Belt

London Tales String ©

String carol grimes September 2018 © I love to sing, I would love to fly, to wing it and sing it, please wrap it  - and tie it with string for me. String rhymes with sing and wing, I like string -  a useful thing- of many colours, textures, thickness, and weight. To hold your trousers when you have … Continue reading London Tales String ©

Two Interviews/ The Singers Tale Show & some reviews

Preview/Interview: The Singer's Tale London Jazz News, 13th February 2015 Link: Carol Grimes was one of the very first performers to appear at St James Studio (preview from 2012). In this new interview with Sebastian, she talked about the first outings of her new autobiographical project “The Singer's Tale,” for which she will return … Continue reading Two Interviews/ The Singers Tale Show & some reviews

My Generation 1944 –

                                              Picture Lewisham 1952   Jennifer and Carol Waving at Ya  'My generation is slowly leaving, one by one by a hundred and more, the War Babies and the post-war baby boomers are cutting … Continue reading My Generation 1944 –