London Tales – Springtime in Whitechapel Written when I lived in Bethnal Green, Tower Hamlets, East London Springtime in Whitechapel, © Grimes/ Marland  1979 recorded 1980  Scarred face in the moonlight - wind blows with a hard bite Darkness falls just another night. Out I crawl am I feeling right? Don’t know why I hide away - I can’t seem, can’t … Continue reading London Tales – Springtime in Whitechapel

Two Interviews/ The Singers Tale Show & some reviews

Preview/Interview: The Singer's Tale London Jazz News, 13th February 2015 Link: Carol Grimes was one of the very first performers to appear at St James Studio (preview from 2012). In this new interview with Sebastian, she talked about the first outings of her new autobiographical project “The Singer's Tale,” for which she will return … Continue reading Two Interviews/ The Singers Tale Show & some reviews

My Generation 1944 –

                                              Picture Lewisham 1952    Jennifer and Carol Waving at Ya  My generation is slowly leaving, one by one by a hundred and more, the War Babies and the post-war baby boomers are … Continue reading My Generation 1944 –

London Against Racism 1970 – ????

A song from a Poem I wrote called 'Mau Mau' Track below the Poem Mau Mau © Europe with your lands your beauty and your culture. Why did you rape and plunder so many lands and lives? You destroyed denied stole and erased. But spirits don't die. They cry but don’t die. When I was a … Continue reading London Against Racism 1970 – ????

Interviews The Singers Tale

Busker's bottler sings the blues HERALD SCOTLAND, 19TH AUGUST 2015 Herald Scotland Carol Grimes might not include I Could Write a Book in her Edinburgh Fringe show, The Singer’s Tale. The London-born survivor of fifty years in the music business would, however, have every right to sing this Rodgers and Hart standard. Indeed, she is … Continue reading Interviews The Singers Tale

I believe in us – in you and me I believe. Carol Grimes © I believe in us in you and me Because if I do not believe what is there? I believe in us the human race.  I must understand - who are we? Why are we? Our history, circle over circle over circle round now listen.  survival by the sword, the gun, the … Continue reading I believe in us – in you and me