These are a few of my favourite things, June 2018, attempting to make sense of the Past the Future and Now! & Love. With 2 songs attached x

Sandcastles on Sunny Sands Folkestone. All the Pics me (c.g.) the black & white of myself & beloved Llew Gittens at The Drill Hall London in 1989, is by Sheila Burnette      The photo the track aboveTrack Val Wilmer          Watching the sea roll and the birds on the wing –…Read more »

War Bombs Marches and listening to Music. 1962-1963. The pic above was taken in 1962 an extract from The Singer’s Tale Book 1

Originally posted on Carol Grimes my Blog 2018:
June 21st Summer 2018 I am sitting equidistant between hope and despair hoping that hope will win. BEWARE We have been here before and before and before ‘When will we ever learn?’      The Hospital I was born on April 7th, 1944 1962 ‘Please, Please me.’ The Beatles.…

MUSIC LIVE March 8th Eleto Jazz Room Folkestone

    Eleto Jazz Room added 37 new photos   9 March at 11:52 · London ·  What a fantastic evening with Carol Grimes and her brilliant trio at Eleto Jazz Room, Folkestone. Carol’s reflections on life, her humour, pathos, stories of love, friendship and the bond with her children, as woman and mother, were all there in the narrative and in the songs.…Read more »