The Singers Tale Barry J Gibb

The Singer’s Tale. A Book - A Film - A Show Carol Grimes A Film Barry J Gibb | Mosaic Barry J Gibb's odd career began as a molecular biologist and neuroscientist but he succumbed to creative urges and started freelancing as a hybrid filmmaker. Private Link: Award-winning documentary filmmaking that connects science … Continue reading The Singers Tale Barry J Gibb

The Day my Daughter, Kasia Rose Hrybowicz won her Degree

I am a very proud Mum. Mum. I love that word. My Daughter, Kasia Rose Hrybowicz really fought some battles to do this, I am swelling with happiness ...Below is a snapshot of my 3 days in Bangor with my Mobile Camera on the run. With love to Harvey, Karine,  Debbie, and Tiffy, 9

Interview with London Jazz News PREVIEW/ INTERVIEW: Carol Grimes - The Singer's Tale, St James Studio, 9th and 26th Feb Carol Grimes was one of the very first performers to appear at St James Studio (preview from 2012). In this new interview with Sebastian, she talked about the first outings of her new autobiographical project “The Singer's Tale,” for … Continue reading Interview with London Jazz News

Interviews The Singers Tale

Busker's bottler sings the blues HERALD SCOTLAND, 19TH AUGUST 2015 Herald Scotland Carol Grimes might not include I Could Write a Book in her Edinburgh Fringe show, The Singer’s Tale. The London-born survivor of fifty years in the music business would, however, have every right to sing this Rodgers and Hart standard. Indeed, she is … Continue reading Interviews The Singers Tale

Feeling Old and in the Way

Gonna have a dance now that I have vented my spleen xxx For every Areshole there are lots of lovely people. Nothing like feeling old and in the way. Crowded high street, a gang of girls walking towards me - straddled across the pavement like an impenetrable wall of young women. Stand my ground … Continue reading Feeling Old and in the Way

I believe in us – in you and me I believe Carol Grimes © I believe in us in you and me Because if I do not believe what is there? I believe in us the human race.  I must understand - who are we? Why are we? Our history, circle over circle over circle round now listen.  survival by the sword, the gun, the … Continue reading I believe in us – in you and me