Interviews The Singers Tale

Busker's bottler sings the blues HERALD SCOTLAND, 19TH AUGUST 2015 Herald Scotland Carol Grimes might not include I Could Write a Book in her Edinburgh Fringe show, The Singer’s Tale. The London-born survivor of fifty years in the music business would, however, have every right to sing this Rodgers and Hart standard. Indeed, she is … Continue reading Interviews The Singers Tale

Feeling Old and in the Way

Gonna have a dance now that I have vented my spleen xxx For every Areshole there are lots of lovely people. Nothing like feeling old and in the way. Crowded high street, a gang of girls walking towards me - straddled across the pavement like an impenetrable wall of young women. Stand my ground … Continue reading Feeling Old and in the Way

I believe in us – in you and me I believe Carol Grimes © I believe in us in you and me Because if I do not believe what is there? I believe in us the human race.  I must understand - who are we? Why are we? Our history, circle over circle over circle round now listen.  survival by the sword, the gun, the … Continue reading I believe in us – in you and me

A Sparrow   Published on Mar 24, 2013 A song by Carol Grimes from the album "Heavy Poet-ting and a Little Peace by A Loving Company" ~ in aid of St Joseph's Hospice. Featuring the exceptional Annie Whitehead on trombone, and Jennifer Maidman on percussion and uke (or mandolin?)....recorded and mixed by Jennifer as well...Visuals Michael … Continue reading A Sparrow

A BLOG. WHY DO IT? Good question. Who the F☛❧☂ is she? So here goes……

A BLOG AND SOME EXTRACTS AND THEN, WHY NOT SOME LYRICS AND SOME TRACKS? Gardens - Seaside ----Life -with warts, boils, hissy fits  an' all    UPHILL PEACE OF MIND 1974 Memphis Recorded in Memphis Tenessee Credits Backing Vocals – Holiday Sisters, Westettes Bass Guitar – Duck Dunn*, Joe Davies Drums – Lloyd Perrata*, Willie Hall Horns – Michael Brecker, Memphis Horns* Lead Guitar – Bob Manuel*, Buddy Davies, Hugh … Continue reading A BLOG. WHY DO IT? Good question. Who the F☛❧☂ is she? So here goes……