London Tales – Mind the Gap Mind The Gap Grimes/ Hrybowicz Written when living in Tower Hamlets East London 1979 - 1993 Annie with her shopping Bag  gets mugged right on the High Street Angry Harry in his Jag 'Wheres all the decent people gone? But Harry doesn't want no trouble, Harry don't want no fuss- he quickly puts his … Continue reading London Tales – Mind the Gap

London Tales – Springtime in Whitechapel Written when I lived in Tower Hamlets East London Springtime in Whitechapel, © Grimes/ Marland  1979 recorded 1980  Scarred face in the moonlight - wind blows with a hard bite Darkness falls just another night. Out I crawl am I feeling right? Don’t know why I hide away - I can’t seem, can’t seem to … Continue reading London Tales – Springtime in Whitechapel

The Singers Tale Barry J Gibb

The Singer’s Tale. A Book - A Film - A Show Carol Grimes A Film Barry J Gibb | Mosaic Barry J Gibb's odd career began as a molecular biologist and neuroscientist but he succumbed to creative urges and started freelancing as a hybrid filmmaker. Private Link: Award-winning documentary filmmaking that connects science … Continue reading The Singers Tale Barry J Gibb

Interviews The Singers Tale

Busker's bottler sings the blues HERALD SCOTLAND, 19TH AUGUST 2015 Herald Scotland Carol Grimes might not include I Could Write a Book in her Edinburgh Fringe show, The Singer’s Tale. The London-born survivor of fifty years in the music business would, however, have every right to sing this Rodgers and Hart standard. Indeed, she is … Continue reading Interviews The Singers Tale

The Dance

Anne Michaels from her novel Fugitive Pieces 'Important lessons: look carefully, record what you see. Find a way to make beauty necessary, find a way to make necessity beautiful. The Dance Carol Grimes & Dorian Ford In homage to Mark Chagall and Anne Michaels The Dance. If I could  choose, I would live under a … Continue reading The Dance

A Stone

A soundscape & a Poem called - a stone -  Carol Grimes Mark Hewins I am a stone a stone a frozen stone.            A watching careful stone.            I am a stone a hard stone seeing-hearing stone            I am deep inside the stone. … Continue reading A Stone