London Tales – Deptford & my secret garden on the roof ©

A Slideshow & a Track, 'My little Red Top' from Cd here, see below this post for detail Extracts from The Singers Tale ©        Extracts from The Singers Tale 2005  back to 1963 and on to 2009   A suicide and the first singing in Hastings singing on Cranes and Roof-tops in Germany on The River Necker … Continue reading London Tales – Deptford & my secret garden on the roof ©

String ©

String carol grimes September 2018 © I love to sing, I would love to fly, to wing it and sing it, please wrap it  - and tie it with string for me. String rhymes with sing and wing, I like string -  a useful thing- of many colours, textures, thickness, and weight. To hold your trousers when you have … Continue reading String ©

My Generation 1944 –

                                              Picture Lewisham 1952    Jennifer and Carol Waving at Ya  My generation is slowly leaving, one by one by a hundred and more, the War Babies and the post-war baby boomers are … Continue reading My Generation 1944 –

London Against Racism 1970 – ????

A song from a Poem I wrote called 'Mau Mau' Track below the Poem Mau Mau © Europe with your lands your beauty and your culture. Why did you rape and plunder so many lands and lives? You destroyed denied stole and erased. But spirits don't die. They cry but don’t die. When I was a … Continue reading London Against Racism 1970 – ????