Sing For Joy St Pancras 1 & 2

Singing beside Sir John who had Parkinson’s himself & was very involved in saving St. Pancras from the wrecking ball! Pershore Station, or A Liverish Journey First Class by John Betjeman “The train at Pershore station was waiting that Sunday night. Gaslight on the platform, in my carriage electric light, Gaslight on frosty evergreens, electric on Empire…Read more »

War Bombs Marches and listening to Music. 1962-1963. The pic above was taken in 1962 an extract from The Singer’s Tale Book 1

June 21st Summer 2018 I am sitting equidistant between hope and despair hoping that hope will win. BEWARE We have been here before and before and before ‘When will we ever learn?’      The Hospital I was born on April 7th, 1944 1962 ‘Please, Please me.’ The Beatles. She liked it and thought that George…Read more »