London Tales Carol & Sam 1960/70s The Grove Days W2 W11 W10

Throughout the 1960/70s I lived in many places, often homeless. From West Cromwell Earls Court to The Brompton Road, Worlds End Chelsea, then over to Swinbrook Road just off Goldbourne Road in North Kensington, to St. Stevens Gardens then on to All Saints Road. My years in The Grove, bar some nasty encounters with The … Continue reading London Tales Carol & Sam 1960/70s The Grove Days W2 W11 W10

String ©

String carol grimes September 2018 © I love to sing, I would love to fly, to wing it and sing it, please wrap it  - and tie it with string for me. String rhymes with sing and wing, I like string -  a useful thing- of many colours, textures, thickness, and weight. To hold your trousers when you have … Continue reading String ©

Two Interviews/ The Singers Tale Show & some reviews

Preview/Interview: The Singer's Tale London Jazz News, 13th February 2015 Link: Carol Grimes was one of the very first performers to appear at St James Studio (preview from 2012). In this new interview with Sebastian, she talked about the first outings of her new autobiographical project “The Singer's Tale,” for which she will return … Continue reading Two Interviews/ The Singers Tale Show & some reviews

Interviews The Singers Tale

Busker's bottler sings the blues HERALD SCOTLAND, 19TH AUGUST 2015 Herald Scotland Carol Grimes might not include I Could Write a Book in her Edinburgh Fringe show, The Singer’s Tale. The London-born survivor of fifty years in the music business would, however, have every right to sing this Rodgers and Hart standard. Indeed, she is … Continue reading Interviews The Singers Tale

The Dance

Anne Michaels from her novel Fugitive Pieces 'Important lessons: look carefully, record what you see. Find a way to make beauty necessary, find a way to make necessity beautiful. The Dance Carol Grimes & Dorian Ford In homage to Mark Chagall and Anne Michaels The Dance. If I could  choose, I would live under a … Continue reading The Dance